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Areas of Practice

In my practice I see individuals (ages 18+) and couples struggling with a range of issues including depression and other mood disorders, anxiety, personality issues, and relationship problems.  My approach is based in principles of psychodynamic psychotherapy but because of my broad training I have the ability to be flexible in the way that I practice.  This means that I adjust the specifics of my approach to meet the needs and preferences of the individual rather than applying a prescribed treatment based only on diagnosis. 


Variables that might determine how we work include how acute the problem is (i.e. was there an abrupt onset of symptoms or have low-level symptoms been lingering for a while), time restraints, your past experience(s) in therapy if any, and your short and long-term goals. 


I hope always to create an atmosphere in which you can easily and comfortably share how you’re feeling about our work together and to express any concerns.  Therapy is different than most other relationships in that you need not be so careful about what you say.  Taking risks and saying what is on your mind is encouraged!


Please feel free to reach out by phone or email to request more info about my areas of practice.

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